"ANGWISH vs. THE UNIVERSE" The New Double Album!

If the Beatles and Nirvana had a baby it would sound like Angwish when it cries at night. This alternative rock duo (drums/guitar) from Charlotte, NC is full of energy and catchy songs. World renowned and critically acclaimed!


Hi everybody! Angwish is very excited to announce we are starting production on ANGWISH vs. THE UNIVERSE, the double album that we've wanted to do for years but kept getting put on the back burner due to busy touring schedules and financial obstacles. In 2018 we will be sticking close to home so we can give this new project our full attention and spend all the time we need to make sure it is absolutely perfect. 

We are very grateful to each and every one of our supporters all over the world for fueling us with the inspiration to continue to make music and we want to share the creative process of making this album with a transparency heretofore not attempted by Angwish. We therefore are also announcing the launch of our Patreon page which will grant our listeners and viewers access to all kinds of fun exclusive content with three tiers of affordable subscriptions. This exclusive content will include candid interviews, documentaries on Angwish's early years, archival concert footage, bloopers and more!

Stay tuned for the launch date of our Patreon page coming soon and be sure to check out our youtube channel at www.youtube.com/angwishtv for weekly videos on our progress. ANGWISH vs. THE UNIVERSE!!

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