Our next big Project is an Angwish Tour Documentary and new "Double Album" coming Summer 2016!! Angwish

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Your friendly neighborhood Angwish is spending a few months at home, doing some regional touring and working on our tour documentary film/new double album due to be released July 29, 2016 with a big party coinciding with the band's 20th anniversary!! Are we not playing your hometown and you would like us to? Drop us a line at angwish2000@yahoo.com and let us know!

Donate any amount! We have missed out on the milestone of being the first person to do a  music video in space which was the actual goal but we believe our initial artistic vision is still in tact! It costs $400,000 to go to space so we need your help now! There are some rich superstars out there talking about doing their own videos in space so this is your chance to help the independent underdog! Donate and for the right price we'll do anything. ANYTHING. Private gigs, learn your favorite song, free stuff, write a song about you and your significant other, etc... we must reach the final frontier!! No, this is not a joke, we  sincerely intend to record a video in space! For more info, please feel free to write.


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